SafeVault is the First Hyper-Deflationary, Self-Sustaining, 22% Auto Reimbursing, Safemoon Rewarding Token.

Contract: BSCScan

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SafeVault Token Crypto


What Makes This Token So Special?

Rewards in $SFM

Our rewards give 20% of each sale back to holders directly to your Safemoon wallet. The reward comes back as Safemoon ($SFM).

This is much different compared to roughly 3% on each sale holding Safemoon directly.

Holders also receive 2% of each buy fee directly as Safemoon as well.

Higher Sales Fee

There has never been a token with such a high sales fee, despite a massive demand from the crypto community to invest in such a token. We all are tired of the constant pump and dumps and want to find those true long-term gems. We believe that our sales fee combined with the Safemoon rewards is what makes us special.

Larger Market Share & Charity

You have a chance to own a much larger market share of SafeVault than regular Safemoon, which also increases your share of the reward proportionately.

Our goal isn’t just to help you earn rewards but to also help those in need. We will be donating to small businesses and schools in The Gambia. This charitable mission helps those in need and also directly supports Safemoon’s goals. 


Safemoon Army

We are huge Safemoon supporters and holders who, like you, are in a constant scramble to continue to accumulate more Safemoon. The only problem is that at this point in the game, the small amounts of money we can afford to buy with doesn’t get us many tokens. We know this same problem exists for 99% of you as well, so we found a better way. This problem will only get worse as the price of Safemoon increases.




Our Proprietary Reward System Is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

How Does Rewards Work?

When you buy SafeVault token you begin a 24 hour timer and Safemoon rewards begin accruing in our system. Automatic rewards are put into a queue after the 24 hour period and pay out in order based on your line in the queue. It takes a buy or sell transaction (by anyone) for the contract to pay whoever is next after they’ve held for 24 hours.

How Long Does Rewards Take to Receive?

 Automatic rewards may take several hours after the 24 hour period depending on the volume of buys and sells when your 24 hour reward period is over. As volume increases, rewards will begin to get paid closer to the exact 24 hour period. If you rewards aren’t paid at exactly 24 hours, your rewards continue to build. You need to accumulate around 1 million SafeMoon for our contract to send out rewards.

Trigger Your Rewards Early

When you personally Buy or Sell, you trigger the rewards you earned for the day and your auto 24 hour claim clock starts over.

If you want your rewards right away and do not want to wait send 1 vault token anywhere. Like our burn address.

Our system is fully automatic and works on its own!


Cheap to buy, expensive to sell- That’s straight ECON101 stuff


1,000,000,000,000 SafeVault Supply


5% fee on all buys of SafeVault*


30% fee on all sells of SafeVault

Isn't a 30% Sales Fee a Little High?

Great question! While most people are excited about our sales fee and the rewards it gives them, it’s natural some will be skeptical given it’s something entirely new. 

But please consider the buying and selling fee math for other popular tokens before you make up your mind.


10% buying fee

10% sales fee

= 20% total fees


13% buying fee

11% sales fee

= 24% total fees

Tiki Token

15% buying fee

18% sales fee

= 33% total fees

safe vault crypto


5% buying fee

30% sales fee

= 35% total fees

As you can see, at first glance the fees may seem much more than everything else but we have just rearranged the fee distribution in favor of long-term hodling. We think the SFM rewards greatly justify the slight increase in overall fees.

How is the 5% Buying Fee Broken Down?


Burned / Buy Back


Auto SafeMoon Rewards

How is the 30% Selling Fee Broken Down?

Breakdown of the 30% Fee

20% rewarded to holders as our precious Safemoon ($SFM).

6% is bought back or burned. This is determined automatically based on the liquidity level.

3% is sent to liquidity so it continuously rises.

1% is sent to the multi-signature marketing wallet to ensure a constant marketing push.

safe vault crypto selling fee


Our Biggest Whale

Our biggest whale is the Safemoon Burn Wallet. It owns 2% of the SafeVault supply and receives Safemoon rewards daily to be burnt. We literally buy and burn Safemoon to contribute to the burn.

$SFM Rewards to Charity

Our marketing wallet also earns Safemoon rewards daily. With portions of these rewards, we are planning on using them for charity to fund small businesses in The Gambia and any other countries that endorse Safemoon.

Safemoon Ecosystem

We are helping new money filter through the Safemoon ecosystem that otherwise might not be incentivized to be invested. This helps Safemoon grow and also helps increase the burn.

safemoon vault pancake swap
safemoon vault bsc scan
safemoon vault coin market cap


Helping Small Businesses in The Gambia and Beyond!

We are thrilled to announce that portions of the Safemoon rewards earned by the marketing wallet will be used to fund small businesses in The Gambia! We can’t think of a better long-term use case for SafeVault token than changing lives and making dreams come true. This aligns directly with the growth and development of Safemoon and is essential for us to continue to do our part to support their overall vision. More details to come.


The more SafeVault you buy, the Bigger Your Market Share and thus the bigger your Safemoon rewards.

Once your Safemoon rewards continue to stack up, now you are also earning Compounding Interest on your reflections from just Safemoon alone. 

The value of the token itself should Skyrocket in value as more Safemoon lovers see this opportunity and as the value of Safemoon itself continues to grow.


Pathway to the Moon


Team formation and creation of contract

Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and website created

Marketing Push 1

Small marketing push for Private Sale

Phase 1 Growth

Grow Telegram community and begin Public Pre-Sale

Marketing Push 2

Massive marketing push before launch

Pancake Swap

Token launches on Pancakeswap- holders start collecting hefty sums of Safemoon and value of SafeVault rises

Token Tracking

Listing on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap when we reach required amount of holders

Marketing Push 3

Continuous ongoing marketing efforts through Twitter/YouTube Safemoon influencers to maintain relevancy

Global Listings

Apply for listings on Global exchanges

Vault Charity

Charitable donations to small businesses in the gambia.

Listing on the Safemoon Exchange

Direct integration into the safemoon exchange and inovolved in the blockchain.



Team formation and creation of contract


Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and website created


Marketing Push 1

Small marketing push for Private Sale


Phase 1 Growth

Grow Telegram community and begin Public Pre-Sale


Marketing Push 2

Massive marketing push before launch


Pancake Swap

Token launches on Pancakeswap- holders start collecting hefty sums of Safemoon and value of SafeVault rises


Token Tracking

Listing on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap when we reach required amount of holders


Global Listings

Apply for listings on Global exchanges 


Vault Charity

Charitable donations to small businesses in The Gambia.


Listing on the Safemoon Exchange

Direct integration into the Safemoon exchange and be involved in the blockchain.


Why should I buy this over Safemoon directly?

We love Safemoon and want to support it in any way possible. But with SafeVault token, holders receive 20% of each sale vs roughly 3% when holding Safemoon directly. You also have an opportunity to own a MUCH LARGER market share of SafeVault that you can’t acquire with the same amount of money buying Safemoon. This increases your reward.

What are your marketing plans?

This is where we shine. A lot of our heavy lifting has ALREADY BEEN DONE. Safemoon is a brand name and only getting bigger. They have almost 3 million holders. We plan to reward popular Safemoon influencers with our tokens to tweet and talk about the SafeVault token, to spread awareness about our token and it’s massive opportunity. Ads on Poocoin and social media will also be around the corner. Billboards in major cities are also in the talks. They may not last long in the cities but their photos and videos will last forever on the internet.

Are the devs doxxed?

Our SafeVault Community Managers Mike and Eric will be partially doxxed and live-streaming constantly on Twitch and YouTube to keep everyone updated and comfortable with their investment. The rest of our team will also partially dox when we establish long-term success as a token.

What will you do if your Private Sale and Presalers sell your token at launch and drastically drop the price?

We will educate everyone that this is very common in all new cryptocurrencies at launch and for quality projects it is the absolute best opportunity to buy more. Although we doubt this will happen due to the 30% sell fee.

Do you have any plans to be listed on major exchanges?

Our goal is to be listed on all exchanges in the future to make it easy for everyone to buy our token. We plan to also switch networks in the future and only use BSC at the start. There is currently no estimation on when this will occur.

Do you have Anti-Bot measures in place?

Yes we will have Anti-Bot measures in place. Unfortunately, we can not disclose what measures they are because the people that own the bots will know how to counter them.

With the big selling fee, won't people just hold the token and we won't see very many Safemoon rewards?

So we can’t predict market behavior obviously but we can share the different ways it could go.

First off, we think that this is such a new and attractive idea to SafeMoon holders that as SFM holders continue to learn about it their interest is definitely intrigued because of the numbers and potential to increase their bag. This is the most crucial part because you always need interest and new buyers in any token. But it should be relatively easy for us. With the millions of SFM holders (who all want more), they will all slowly learn about us giving us a highly likely chance of a constant stream of new/interested investors. 

So long as we have the stream of new people, if the holders are big time hodlers and don’t sell then the price of $VAULT goes way up (and 2% of buys still gets redistributed to them as SFM). If there is quite a bit of buying and selling you have a mix of big SFM rewards being given out as well as price fluctuations. 

It’s similar to Safemoon in the sense that all we need is volume, it’s just that if we get it you get rewarded SIGNIFICANTLY more here because of the token structure and because you have a much bigger market share.


Pancake Swap

While slippage is normally 7-8% for our token, during launch we recommend you set your slippage to 30-40%. This is to ensure  you are covered if the price changes (which is common in launches). Only the slippage needed for the transaction will be used. The higher percentage will only be needed during the first couple days.

Need Help? We have a tutorial HERE


safevault swap

Safevault Swap is our innovative new purchasing method that allows you to get our VAULT token without needing to use an exchange such as pancake swap. With this method you can swap Smart Chain BNB to VAULT in just 4 clicks simplifying the purchasing process. Currently available with Meta Mask (More wallets coming soon).

Learn More HERE 


Contract: BSCScan


1. You will need to download and install Trust Wallet on your Google Play Store or iOS app store. 

2. Head to settings on the bottom right of the application and find the security option. Set a passcode for protection and enable transaction signing.

3. Head back to the main wallet and purchase Smart Chain BNB with your Credit or Debit Card. $150 USD is the minimum purchase.

4. Navigate to Dapps at the bottom of Trust Wallet and select Pancake Swap.

5. Click the symbol in the upper right hand corner and select Smart Chain

6. Select the “Connect Wallet” button in the top right hard corner under the symbol and connect your wallet.

7. On the right of Exchange is 3 bars, click this to set your slippage. Slippage refers to the transaction fee plus the potential fluctuations of the price from when you click buy to when the transaction completes processing. If the slippage does not cover both of these, the transaction will fail. Our slippage should be 5-6% for buying and 31-32% for selling.

8. Find our contract address of our token which will be on our website. DO NOT get it anywhere else. Copy and Paste it into the Select Currency option on Pancake Swap.

9. Enter the amount of BNB you wish to use to buy SafeVault and click Approve. Set your slippage to 7-8% (during launch we recommend 30-40% to account for large price movement (only the amount needed will be used). You can click the button 

10. Once it has approved, click Swap.

Congratulations! You now have SafeVault!


eric safe vault crypto


My name is Eric. I am 31 years old and I am a professional live-streamer. I have 63,000 followers on Bigo Live and I am beginning to go live on Youtube and Twitch as well. I have been live-streaming for one and a half years and I love it.

My second passion is researching new cryptocurrencies. To date I have researched and reviewed over 1,000 launches. Becoming very successful at this, I started a discord that has helped hundreds of people become educated about new crypto currencies.

With my experience in understanding what coins and tokens need to succeed along with my inspiration created by Safemoon’s innovation, we created a token that supports Safemoon instead of competing with it. 💎

Listen on BIGO

New and Upcoming Channels: Twitch & Youtube


Shaun Witriol Safemoon Safevault Dev Team Token


Shaun Witriol has an B.S. in Accounting, and an M.B.A.  He lives in California and has worked in accounting/finance for 10+ years.  He’s also been involved with cryptocurrency since 2013.  

His past work experiences include – SAFEMOON, TD Ameritrade, KPMG, CACI, and DNC – San Diego Padres.

Shaun joined the team to help catapult its reach and make an immediate impact on the Core Development Team.

He can be followed on Twitter – @shaunwitriol and plans on having a YouTube channel in the near future.

justjensence jen safevault token crypto


Jen is a Toronto based blockchain researcher, specializing in both public and private blockchain optimizations and integrations. Jen is currently working as a S&M Enterprise consultant for the Canadian Federal Government specializing in global procurement integrations. Crypto currency and digital asset management has been an easy transition to her consulting firm and specialties as the global world is more and more open the adoption of this form of personal finance. Jen entered the crypto market in 2016 with her first Bitcoin purchase and she has never looked back…even after the crash! Jen has found a love in decentralized finance and fintech based companies complying with 20022 standards coming to the market. Joining the development team of SAFE VAULT was an easy adaption to her covering digital assets and regulation throughout her many specialties. SAFE VAULT is a crypto financial product that provides a double compounding feature to an existing asset (Safemoon). As an investor that is in a long-term position in SAFEMOON, “I waited my whole career for a project like this, with this team of beautiful people with like minds and kind hearts”, making the move and committing to the long term plan of bridging DEFI with mature portfolio development was really SIMPLE!

Jen is committed to leveling the playing the field with SAFE VAULT and all that will encompass. Twitter: @justjensence & Jenny•from•the•blockchainHeart exclamation

mike safevault token crypto


Mike is a SafeMoon fanatic who started the popular podcast “Howlin’ At The Safemoon” in April. He is an elementary teacher who is experienced in public speaking and coordinating programs and events. 

He is an admin in Eric’s presale discord with many months experience researching new projects and understanding the community demands and desires for new tokens.

If you’d like to learn more about him please take a listen to his podcast episodes or simply ask in telegram.